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     Daddy UniverseCity is dedicated to helping all fathers appreciate themselves and the responsibility of fatherhood. We cater to soon to be fathers, new fathers, existing fathers, and second time parents. As Fathers we find ourselves in a strange situation, sometimes not knowing what is right, what is best, or what to say. But we are always, always looked to as leaders. In this situation, we must band together to help one another with the greatest responsibility of all, the rise or demise of the next generation.

    Our goal is simply, to heal the world one father and child at a time. Our plan is to use all available resources to create a one-stop site for fatherhood. By helping them understand the importance their role has on the future of children throughout the world. We can bring them closer to their families through educating them on pregnancy, maternity, child bearing, and quality time which will help produce a strong minded, loved, and whole child. Where leaders come to learn!

 Daddy UniverseCity will help fathers deal with any obstacle. With our information and product line, we will aid them in understanding a father’s role and how important it is to the world. May it be child rearing, family involvement, problems with mother, or just plain want to vent. We will be here. We have bonded together to help one another realize the dream of fatherhood. Being a father means, walking in the park hand in hand, teaching a child how to fish, watching their eyes light up when a train goes by. These are the things that make us, that complete us. But the road is uneven, and sometimes unfair, we will be that safe passage.


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